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Why is My AC Running Loud?

air conditioner making loud buzzing noise

Is your air conditioner driving you crazy? It’s essential on a hot day, but your AC running loud is an annoying inconvenience. So what is going on exactly?

Loud noises coming from your home air conditioner are not normal. A certain amount of noise is to be expected, but if you notice your AC unit making more noise than usual, it’s time to do some troubleshooting.

AC Running Loud: Top 5 Reasons Why

Though there are many causes for the loud noises you’re hearing, it’s most likely due to one of the following reasons:

#1 – Loose Parts

With so many moving components, vibrations can lead to loose parts over time. It could be as simple as a few loose screws, but if certain parts aren’t connected correctly, your air conditioner won’t run as efficiently.

If you’re handy, you can check for loose parts yourself. However, AC units are complicated machines. It may be difficult to identify the source of the noise, so it’s best to have an expert take a look.

#2 – Frozen AC Unit

Yes, it’s possible for your AC unit to be too cold. There are a few ways your air conditioner can freeze up, one being that you’ve had it running too long. Frozen parts can’t move correctly and cause that loud buzzing noise you’re hearing.

Turn off the unit and allow it to defrost before turning it back on. However, if this is a recurring issue, there may be a leak in the compressor. In this case, you’ll need to have your AC unit serviced and repaired.

ac running loud

#3 – Faulty AC Condenser Fan Motor

One reason you hear your air conditioner making loud buzzing noises is due to the condenser fan motor. This is the main fan in the outside unit that blows cool air on the unit’s condenser coils.

Turn on the unit and check if the outside fan is turning. If the indoor blower is on but the fan isn’t turning, then the condenser fan motor is the source of the loud noise and needs to be replaced.

#4 – Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor is extremely important to the cooling function of your air conditioner. It moves refrigerant through the system to help create cold air. An AC compressor running loud could indicate a big problem.

There are many reasons why a compressor isn’t working right. Sometimes it’s as simple as a power issue. Unfortunately, it’s usually due to part failure. A professional needs to diagnose the cause and repair or replace it.

#5 – Defective Contactor Relay Switch

Sometimes the cause of your AC running loud is as simple as a broken contactor relay switch. This part is controlled by the thermostat to turn the high voltage on or off to the compressor.

Since it’s controlled electronically, a malfunction causes an electrical buzzing noise. Luckily, if the contactor relay switch is the culprit, it’s a relatively inexpensive part to replace.

If you can’t handle your AC running loud any longer, give Dependable Heating & Air a call to schedule your air conditioner repair appointment.

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