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Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta

Has your AC lost its cool?

Don’t fret! Dependable HVAC Repair is here to ensure you and your family stay comfortable. Whether your air conditioner has lost its efficiency or your air conditioner doesn’t cool at all, our highly-trained air conditioning repair Atlanta technicians are ready to provide you the best service in the area.

HVAC repair has advanced a long way since we opened in 1970, but our standards for providing honest service that puts the customer first remain the same. Out staff is on standby 24 hours a day, so no matter when you need AC service, Dependable Heating and Air is ready to take the call. Don’t suffer in the heat – call us for your air conditioning repair in Atlanta today!

Why Choose Dependable Heating & Air?

Our customers are our priority and our flat rate repair services are competitvely priced. Dependable Heating & Air trucks are always fully-stocked so we can have your air conditioner up and running in the same visit. Here are just a few reasons why we are the top air conditioning repair company in Atlanta:

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AC Repair

No matter which air conditioning brand or model you have, Dependable Heating & Air can handle the problem. If your AC unit won’t turn on or won’t cool, our expertly-trained air conditioning repair Atlanta technicians have the knowledge and skills to get it running again.

AC Installation

We know it’s a difficult decision to replace your air conditioning unit. We want to make the process easy and stress-free for you. We will assess your current unit and give you the best options so you’ll be well-informed on your installation options.

AC Maintenance

At Dependable Heating & Air, we want your air conditioning unit to run for years to come. That’s why we offer easy and affordable AC maintenance services in Atlanta! We’ll inspect your home unit and clean the condesner coils to ensure it keeps cooling your home efficiently.

AC Financing Options

We understand the upfront costs of a new air conditioning unit can be costly, which is why we’re proud to offer our customers convenient financing options. With competitive interest rates and easy payments, you won’t have to wait to install the AC unit you and your family need!

Air Conditioning Brands We Service

When you hire Dependable Heating & Air, you don’t have to worry if we service your brand. We are factory trained and authorized for Goodman air conditioners, Amana air conditioners, Daikin air conditioners, and many more!

The best temperature setting is up to your comfort level. However, if you’re concerned about energy bill costs, it’s recommended you set your thermostat to around 78F. This way, you’ll avoid the heat, but your power bill will still be managable.

The evaporator coil in your HVAC unit will drip moisture as it works to cool air. However, the water should only drip in the drip pan. If you notice an excessive amount of water coming from your air conditioner, you need a professional AC repair Atlanta contractor. There are many reasons why your AC unit is leaking including a clogged condensate drain or a rusted drain pan.

The health of you AND your AC unit depend on a clean filter. So how often should it be replaced? It depends on the type of filter, but typically an AC filter can last anywhere from three to six months. A clean filter ensures adequate airflow, filters harmful airborne particles, and keeps your energy bills low.

Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta FAQs

Have a question about your AC unit?

We know air conditioners are complicated machines and we want to give you the help you need fast. You can always call our air conditioning repair Atlanta experts with concerns, but for your convenience, we’ve answered the most common AC questions we receive.

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