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Air Conditioning * Heating Systems * Commercial Appliances/Refrigeration * Water Heaters

We service all brands and models, for residential and commercial customers, all day, every day, anywhere, near or far, in greater Atlanta area.  Our emergency repair services features:

  • No upcharges for emergency calls during normal business hours
  • Most common parts on truck
  • One of the largest HVAC parts inventory in the Atlanta area

Air Conditioning Repair

Emergency air conditioning repair is about more than simply restoring comfort to your home or business.  For the elderly, very young children and animals, heatstroke can be serious risk. Our stocked service trucks and skilled, licensed air conditioning professionals serve you around the clock.

Heating Systems Repair

We provide emergency furnace repair for both centralized furnace systems and heat pumps.  Whether it is a pilot light/ignition switch problem, replacing blowers due to a clogged system, or thermostat problems, we handle it efficiently with our fully stocked service trucks and experienced furnace repair technicians.  

Emergency Refrigeration Repair

Emergency commercial refrigeration repairs can result in basic inconvenience as well as potential financial losses. We have some of the most experienced commercial refrigeration technicians in Atlanta who will troubleshoot your problem and immediately begin repairs, thereby preventing spoilage of your refrigerated goods.

Emergency Commercial Appliance Repair

Malfunctioning commercial appliances often cause immediate work disruption, requiring emergency commercial appliance repair. With a large staff of qualified technicians located in Atlanta and throughout the surrounding area, we can get to your location quickly to diagnose and solve commercial appliance problems.  Some of the communities we serve are listed below but a quick phone call to(770) 415-8516 will get someone out to help you immediately.  

With over 40+ years of experience dealing with commercial appliances such as walk-in coolers/freezers, commercial stoves and dishwashers, we are confident that we can work out a solution that meets your needs.  If a replacement is needed, we haul away your old unit. Our prices are very reasonable, and we work efficiently to get you back on track at the lowest possible cost. Our “First Time Fix” program means that in most cases the repair parts are on our service trucks, allowing us to repair your appliance in one trip.

Emergency Repair for Restaurants and Food Service

A restaurant full of hungry customers and a failed appliance or HVAC system is unwelcome stress for the staff and a challenge to overcome.  One advantage we have is that we own and operate an appliance and HVAC repair parts business, meaning we can almost always get the part that you need - even at 2:00 a.m.! We give priority service to any business that needs fast emergency repair services to keep their operation running smoothly, making Dependable the one to call for emergency repairs service to keep your customers happy!